Generations of Successes


2018 - Establish Peacock Entertainment company for Cinema, Established based on professional study to make family extremely enjoy the unique decoration atmosphere, attractive facilities and advanced technology theaters. Peacock is turnkey providing interior design and interior fit-out works, operation and running show for box office.

2017 - Established Coffee Shop Franchise Business Line, Reyada first time set its foot in F&B industry with very attractive and unique coffee shop theme. By which, Reyada aims at standout in this field in the near future.

2012 - Opened NOZZLEXY water works factory, with years of experience in water works since 2006, Reyada has the know-how to manufacture equipment’s in this field where we can control the quality standard while in affordable price.

2010 - Become Strategic Partner with DWP, Partnered with DWP, the most high quality and professional design company in the Middle East and far Asia, Reyada became one of the top company in building material industry.

2010 - Established VVMORE Brand for hardware and BOLDBULLS Brand for sanitary ware, Reyada has been a reliable partner to our customers over the past decades, and in response of the market and customer’s demand, Reyada opened hardware and sanitary ware production lines as a move to achieve turn-key project solution provider.

2008 - Created Port d’ arte Brand for doors, As Reyada reaching to be a total solution provider for building materials, door manufacturing is set to be our another business line to supply high quality interior and exterior doors with competitive price .

2007 - Created Valancci Brand for flooring manufacturing, As part of supplying the building materials, Valancci became the first brand among Reyada building material with products ranging from flooring stone tiles, mosaic, wooden parquet, Vinyl and carpet for commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

2006 - Established NOZZLEXY Brand trading company for water works, Reyada keeps close eyes as always on market demand and consumer desire of high quality lifestyle, with keen market sense, Reyada established water works entertainment proving superior quality equipment for water fountain, Water Park, splash pad and other water features.

1994 - Created Hotelaizi Brand for furniture - As a symbol of the company’s commitment to create high quality product, Hotelaizi reflects the company’s successful story dating back from 1920 in furniture. And now the company has the vision of expending the business to hospitality projects like hotel, residential tower, commercial projects, malls and more.

1991 - Established Data Express IT Company under Reyada, In the beginning of new era for IT, the company stood in the front of new Era to provide computer assembling, computer programming service and later developed online transaction program division. In 1998, the company became ISP provider agent for online transaction.

1985 - Open Reyada contracting and construction company, With successful story in supplying building materials, Reyada expended another division for contracting and construction along with exterior fit-out works, considering the advantage of other sister company supplying the competitive building materials.

1977 - The company’s first Pearlini brand Electric switch production line, the board member opened his first factory for electric switch under Reyada. Unlike other production lines, we develop ourselves with skills and knowledge with which it took us somewhere. And this was the time when the board member stood by chairman side and learned a lot which inspired management to be successes in this field.

1974 - Opened Heusen House Kitchen Cabinet production line division, As similar field to furniture, the company opened Kitchen Cabinet production line differentiating by featured custom made design based on the given dimensions and fabrication, supplying all kinds of cabinets for both house owners and residential projects.

1954 - Interior fit-out works for hotels and palace, With years of experience and expertise in furniture, Reyada expended its business to supplying and trading interior building materials where its customer can nearly find all the building materials to his interior fit-out works, and meanwhile offering interior design service.

1931 - Cooperation with Paintermolly Italy for Italian and French furniture styles. As the business growing and the market demand for classic furniture style, the company expended its production line to be more diversity to meet the customer’s needs. The decision made was for people favoring classic style furniture at that time. Since coordinating with Piantermolly Italy for classic golden French furniture, the company became more well-known across the region.

1920 - Reyada began its journey from very beginning by opening a wooden furniture factory to serve local customers. With fine workmanship and high quality, the company grew stably and became known in the city. It was recognized and appreciated by his customers for each handmade product we made.