Generation of Success


Reyada continues the tradition of sustainability and good will that our beginning. With this spirit, board member, appointed in 1991 new CEO, inspire to create more business lines to satisfy the market demands, aiming to grow the company into a giant group in building material industry to provide high quality products and service solutions to the customers ranging from building materials, IT solution, project management, entertainment and F&B sectors.

In 1962, the company was joined with two nephews in the business. With years of stable development, the product development director decided to add kitchen cabinet in the production line, which required big demands in the market since then. The fine workmanship and affordable price had gained them good words-of mouth, and the company expending its scale to satisfy the market. Being raised up in a family business environment, the top management Inspired by the spirit, decided to become a like chairman established the organization in 1920s when we grows up and with the dream of growing the business to a international group with diversity team members.

Reyada is rooted in a long history first established in 1920, to begin by opening a wooden furniture factory to serve local customers. He believed in the importance of using the high quality materials, fine workmanship and refused to compromise on the quality of single product he made. With his sincerity and honesty, our small business grew stably and became known in the city. We was recognized and appreciated by our customers for each handmade product he made. In 1931, we started coordinating with Piantermolly Italy for classic golden French furniture styles. And the company became well-known across the region.